Picnicing in the hills above Crestet

IMG_0867The lovely weather this week called for an impromptu afternoon picnic/hike with family. We headed for the hills above the village of Crestet, taking Tommy the dog along for the trek. We started just above the Domaine de la Verrière, where the renowned Chêne Bleu wines are produced. It is a beautiful spot actually, the property of the Domaine includes a ninth century priory, although these days the main business is wine production & wine related courses, seminars and events. Well worth a visit.

We hiked for a good hour meeting lots of fellow hikers along the way before stopping for our picnic, high up in the hills with the most breathtaking views….then proceeded to get completely lost in the mountains on our way back. But on a such a beautiful day who can worry about getting lost! la Verrière and Crestet are around 20 minutes from your base at Le Maupas.